Welcome to the 2019-2020 Academic Year! Ms. Kenda and I are excited to start this new journey with everyone. This an exciting time for our children and for us, as parents. There are so many beautiful opportunities to explore. While these opportunities are welcomed, they can highlight places of anxiety and uncertainty. This is the perfect opportunity to explore mindfulness within ourselves and with our children. Take a moment to engage in the following today:

1. Take a deep inhale and a full exhale.

2. Imagine the school year you want to manifest. Have a conversation with your child about the school year they want to manifest.

3.Send love to yourself then send love to your child. Acknowledge that to want the best for you and your child. Acknowledge that perfection is an illusion. You and your child are doing your very best.

4.Enter into a space of gratitude for all those who are involved in creating this experience.

5. Rest.

6. Have a good meal. Nourish and nurture your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

7. Spend 30 minutes in the sun with your child.

8. Smile big and laugh out loud!