The first five years of life is a time of rapid development. Due to emerging expressive language skills, young children may not always have the capacity to express their needs clearly. Challenges with expressing needs can sometimes be perceived as maladaptive behaviors. Regular well-child visits and screenings are necessary to ensure the needs of our littles ones are being met appropriately. Watson Hall Montessori routinely partners with the Baltimore County Department of Health to conduct hearing and vision screenings for our children.

Children are asked to do the following:

  • Listen through earphones for specific sounds.
  • Look at picture cards.
  • Wear vision screening glasses and determine shapes and letters.
  • Look into a new screening apparatus to determine any physiological abnormalities with the structure of the eye.


This month our Primary and Elementary children were screened by specially trained vision and hearing staff. Children who pass the screening are recorded and no further referrals are needed. The  guardians of any child who falls outside of the normal screening range will be contacted by both Watson Hall Montessori and the health department. The health department will send a detailed letter explaining the finding of the tests and will recommend the appropriate follow-up steps.

Need more information? Feel free to contact the Baltimore County Department of Heath Hearing and Vision Services at (410) 887-2721. The email address is .